Build Your Shoulder, Core & Leg Strength with these 5 Home Bodyweight Exercises

Due to the current climate many of us have struggled to adapt our gym routines using multiple different pieces of equipment and different weight to being outside or inside without any equipment.

Those of us luckily enough to have bought a few pieces of equipment may also benefit from using these exercises to give some variety in your exercise regime.

Exercises don’t always need to focus on just one area of the body to give us a good workout, our best piece of equipment is our own body. These following exercises can be used ago mix up your regular training programme or used before or after a run that many people have adapted to during this time at home. Exercises can be completed as a circuit of 30 seconds 3-4 times.

Opposite arm to leg + push up

Complete wide arm push up bringing chest most of the way down towards the floor. Press back into a plank position and alternate lifting a single arm and leg keeping your core strong then repeat.

Hint: Don’t allow yourself to arch or rotate your back when lifting arm and leg

Variation: Lift only the leg or arm if lifting both is too hard.

Lunge with single leg jump

Stepping backwards lower knee towards floor once in lunge position drive knee up and jump as high as possible bringing leg backwards to land in lunge position.

HINT: Keep knee pointing over 2nd toe whilst in lunge position.

Variation: If too hard try standing back up on single leg and hop before stepping backwards into lunge

Side plank + leg abduction

Complete on feet place arm on the floor and push away from arm. When stable lift the top leg away from bottom leg not allowing the rest of the body to move. Return foot back to start position

Hint: Don’t allow your body to rotate, use a hand on the hip to check this.

Variation: If this is too hard bend knees and keep bottom knee on the floor throughout exercise.

Burpee + mountain climber

Start by jumping and then go into a press up position, complete a mountain climber with each leg pulling up to chest and finishing both feet together. Jump both feet in and then jump into the air as high as you can.

Hint: keep back flat throughout mountain climber.

Variation: Bring leg in to opposite shoulder during mountain climber to make it more intense in the core.

Glute bridge+ Hamstring curl  

Start by placing your feet in socks if you have a wooden floor or feet in a plastic bag to complete on carpet. Lift into a bridge position once in the position slide feet away from you keeping bottom off the floor and bring feet backwards to the start position.

Hint: only let your feet go a short distance from your body until you are confident.

Variation: Use foam roller under feet if you have one.