Why Choose Body Logic Health for Your Pilates?

Experienced Instructors

Movement Experts

Both 1.2.1 & Class Options

Max 3 per Class

3 Class Levels - Introductory, Progressive & Elite

Our Pilates Instructors are

APPI Trained Instructors

Movement Specialists

Experienced Clinicians

Injury Specialists

Physiotherapists or Sports Therapists

Your Hour Assessment Involves

Injury / Pain History

Movement Assessment

Specific Joint / Muscle Testing

Introduction to the Reformer

Introduction to Basic Reformer Exercises

Finding the Core & Neutral Spine

Managment Plan Discussion

Goal Discussion

Foundation Pilates
Move The Right Way

Discovery Session

If you are interested in trying Pilates or have heard about the benefits this is the place to start. You will be introduced to reformer (equipment based Pilates) and taught basic movements & patterns. During this session you will also have your movement assessed so, together, we can understand and plan the best pathway for you to progress with Pilates.


Individualised sessions with an instructor allowing them to develop the exact programme you need to maximise your benefits through Pilates. The programme will be tailored specifically to your requirements and goals and you will be able to progress at the best pace for you.
Battersea Pilates

Introductory Classes

Starter sessions designed to help you learn the basic patterns of reformer Pilates. This is as much for comfort and confidence using the equipment as it is for improvements in mobility, flexibility and strength. Our classes are small (max 3 per class) so you receive maximum focus from the instructor.

Progressive Classes

We’ve put together a unique class progression to set new challenges for your body. We aim to make sure you continue to progress your movement health to new levels, helping you improve energy, build your core strength, improve mobility and develop resilience. 

When ready you will be invited to the elite classes.

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Foundation Pilates

For Foundation & Performance Pilates Sessions

Discovery Session

Single 60 Minute Session
  • Discovery Discount for April & May 2024. Normally £78.00.
  • Don't just do Pilates - Be assessed and complete targeted training sessions & classes
  • Introdution to reformer pilates & your movement evaluation to build an understanding of how you move to develop the right training plan.

1:1 Block Sessions
Pilates Instructor

Targeted Personal Sessions
from £66.50
  • Targeted 1.2.1 Training with one of our Pilates Instructors
  • Focused on your goals & individual requirements
  • Focussed on you and your results, with the ability to specifically target your weak points and to improve progress.

1:1 Block Sessions
Specialist Instructor

Targeted Personal Sessions
from £76.00
  • Specialist Instructor 1.2.1 Sessions
  • Working with our Specialist Team to improve your progress.
  • Focussed on you and your results, with the ability to specifically target your weak points and to improve progress.


Single Class
from £33.00
  • Join a single class to drop in benefit from Reformer Pilates
  • Range of Reformer Class Options - Introductory, Progressive & Elite
  • Maximum of 3 people per class
  • A fast paced, intense all over body work-out for the experienced pilates enthusiasts.


Block Sessions
from £26.50
  • Join our reformer classes working on block payments, to progress your Pilates journey
  • Range of Reformer Class options - Introductory, Progressive & Elite
  • Maximum of 3 people per class
  • Get into your training routing, improve results with regular classes to achieve your goals.