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Experienced Team

Movement Experts

Effective Pain Management

Long Term Solutions

Different Screen Options, e.g. Foundation, Running, Lower Limb & Golf

Focus on Injury Prevention or Performance Gains

Our Movement Specialists are

Pain Management Experts

Movement Specialists

Experienced (Min 4 Years)

Injury Specialists

Chartered Physiotherapists & Sports Therapists

Your Movement Screen Involves

Previous Injury / Pain Evaluation

Movement Assessment

Matrix of Movement Tests

Movement Diagnosis Discussion

Short & Long Term Goal Planning

Individualised Home Exercise Programme

Management & Retraining Plan

The Performance Matrix

The Movement Screen

Take your health and performance to the next level with the premier movement screening product. Utilised by sports teams around the world, be assessed to understand your movement patterns and faults. Improving your movement control can take you away from injury and allow you to elevate your performance.

Specialist Analysis

For you this is the most important step, one of our skilled movement therapists will analyse your results, considering your goals, previous injuries and patterns that might be limiting your progress. You will then receive a full report explaining your results and the best pathway forwards for you.

Targeted Exercise Retraining

To change how you move you have to change part of the process, and how you exercise is key. Our exercises are fine tuned to maximise the benefit for the muscles identified during your screening process.

By specifically targeting the correct muscles, in the right way, your movement can be transformed & your performance elevated.

Review Your Progress

Essential once you have completed the hard work. You want to find out how progress has gone and plan for the future steps to continue your journey to movement health and improved performance.

Build a better you! 

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The Performance Matrix
Stay Active & Improve Performance

Our Movement Screen Pathway

For Appointments

60 Minute

Initial Movement Screen Assessment
  • Build a better understanding of your natural movement patterns, where the weak links are, and how to fix them to improve your movement health, allowing you to continue doing the things you enjoy most.

45 Minute

Individual Sessions
  • Specific individualised training session allowing maximum benefits for you integrating your targeted exercised into a programme for the best results.

30 Minute

Individual Sessions
  • Review your exercises, fine tune them to improve your progress, and make sure you stay on track with your coals. Obtaining movement health.
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