As Movement Specialists, we have developed a complete philosophy to target your BACK pain. Helping you get on the road to recovery quickly and effectively.

Understanding the issue

In the UK, and in fact around the world today, back pain causes considerable issues. Research suggests 7 out of 10 adults will experience back pain at some point in their life and (WHO 2013) the incidence of surgery for these problems is rising year on year. You however do not need to go down this pathway with your injury.

Back problems affect people in many different ways. Nearly 40% complain of issues with sleep and similar numbers complain of issues with daily tasks and just as many feel their sporting activity is affected. Disappointingly 9 out of 10 feel they have not had a clear explanation of the reason for their back complaint.

The fact is that the majority of back complaints are not serious in nature. They should however be taken seriously as they are the early warning signs for potential problems down the road. The consequences of not addressing and understanding issues when they arise can mean long standing issues that are more complex to settle down and address fully.


It is important to understand you should be able to complete any task (picking a pencil off the floor) with a number of different movement patterns, however it is when this choice of movement is lost that repetitive stresses are placed on your soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints). This is when it is likely that problems start to arise.

The key to identifying these movement faults lies in linking the dysfunction with the symptoms (Comerford & Mottram 2001). Identifying movement faults is fast becoming the accepted best practice for neuromusculoskeletal practice (Sharmann 2002), who went on to profess that;

“musculoskeletal pain syndromes are seldom caused by isolated events and that habitual movements and sustained postures play a major role in the development of movement dysfunction.”

our first action: remove your pain

Does this match your story?
Body Logic Health, working with the latest evidence based treatment information, have put together a complete solution for back pain treatment. Our full treatment pathway will take you beyond the ‘quick fix’ and through the necessary phases to make sure you return to the activities you enjoy.

Important First Step
Your pain must be addressed first, it is important to be able to get on with your daily activities, and there are huge benefits to returning to normal activities. Your movement specialist will complete a full assessment to understand the best way forwards for your condition.

You will then have explained fully to you;

The reason for your symptoms and the full diagnosis.

The first step to ‘remove your pain’.

You will then begin the best treatment to help your recovery, and our highly skilled physiotherapists will give you the best outline of the time frame for this first step.

If you have made it this far previously and find yourself in treatment again then there are a few key factors that you need to be aware of;

Have you continued to address the underlying factors?

Unfortunately many people find they drop back into the old habits, this causes a return of the stresses on the soft tissues, which you will now understand relates to a return of symptoms.

Build A Better You

Building your foundation is the key to step 2, to complete this phase we need to identify the underlying movement faults that you have. You have a couple of options here depending on your specific requirements and end goals;

1. Movement Screen 

2. Pilates Discovery Session

3. Running Video Analysis – if running is your thing then this a great way to change the way you move to prevent future issues.

4. Walking  / Rehabilitation Evaluation

You will have the ‘how you move’ identified and explained in full detail to you, and this will allow your movement specialist to plan your next step. 

elevate your performance

The hardest part for everyone is to stay motivated once you are feeling great and moving well again. We all know life gets in the way of looking after you. If you feel you need further help to achieve your performance goals or to maintain your lifestyle, there are ways we can help you.

If you have completed the first two steps, you are now ready to achieve lifestyle and performance goals, step 3. At this phase our great sports rehabilitation team will often take over your management. 

There are plenty of options for you depending on your specific goals, so please discuss your options with your physiotherapist. This step will complete your knee pain solution, and will involve individually designed programmes to complement your home exercise programme.

You can see the whole pain to performance knee solution. This will help you create movement health and enjoy the life you want to live.

Don’t delay starting your knee pain pathway to help you return to your life without your current issue.

Start your journey today
and enjoy your life again.


We assess, analyse and correct movement patterns to improve your health and performance

remove pain

The important first step is to address a clients pain and restrictions. This allows return to normal life, pain free, and ready for the step to build your foundation.


Did you complete the full treatment pathway?

Recurrence is the toughest area to address in back complaints, primarily if you only completed the first step previously then the chances are you have not changes how the body is moving to prevent recurrence.


Having removed your pain it is imperative that the reasons for your issue are now addressed. This is where recurrence can be truly prevented. It is the chance to address the core weaknesses, poor movement patterns and understand the habits that might be related to your current problem. It is important that both parties complete the full pathway, this is the area that helps you feel great again.


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