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Do you suffer from chronic pain or tendinopathy issues?
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Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)
Treatment Pathway

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Our Injury Specialist team will complete a full assessment of your injury and the surrounding areas to make sure they understand the specific tissues involved. This will make sure you get fast effective treatment along with a clear diagnosis. It will also allow them to make sure that shockwave treatment (ESWT) is the best option for your injury pathway. 

Shockwave Therapy Treatment

With a thorough understanding of your diagnosis our team will discuss if shockwave is the right option for you. The sessions will involve the shockwave treatment along with continued exercise management.

Exercise Management

While our team of experts settle down your pain it is an important part of the pathway to progress you exercises. This is a key step towards a full recovery and allows maximum benefit from the shockwave treatment.

Return to Activity

Through a combination of your individualised rehabilitation programme and shockwave therapy you can look forward to returning to the activities you enjoy the most.


Our Shockwave Therapy Pathway

For Shockwave Therapy

3 x 30 Mins

With Movement Specialist
  • Starter block of three sessions for acute injuries that need a boost or to help kick start chronic pain & tendinopathy issues as part of your treatment pathway

6 x 30 Mins

With Movement Specialist
  • Block of six shockwave sessions to address chronic issues that require intensive treatment to get your injury progressing
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