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Removing pain is only the start of your recovery. It is essential to build your foundation again and the rehabilitation team are able to get your movement health back to where it should be. 

You will be building your specific exercise programme, designed specifically for your recovery linking together the chain of events that contributed to your issue and making sure they are addressed long term. This will help you build your confidence in your body again.

Movement Screen

Become TPM Active to get you feeling like you again. Work with the performance team to target your weak links and build them into strengths again. 

As you build the key areas to help you deal with both day to day tasks and life activities or sporting challenges. Open up your opportunities to live the life you want by creating movement health.


If you have been out injured you understand the challenges of getting back into your season. 

The crucial step between resolving your injury and the requirements placed on your body from your chosen sporting activity add new challenges to your training requirements. Work with our performance team to help get you back in the sporting contest.


If you are serious about your targets in the coming year, be it getting into shape, developing your strength, improving your speed and agility or you are keen to just stay in shape. 

Our performance coaches are all set to put you through your paces focusing on your specific goals. You can take your training to a new level.

Managing Your Condition


For Movement & Athletic Development

60 Minute

Initial Assessment
  • The hour assessment and analysis is completed by one of our Movement Specialists, who will explain your current problem and the pathway to recovery

60 Minute

Single Session
  • Build your understanding of the pathway to a better you, with individualised training to maximise your results.

30 Minute

Single Session
  • Short intense sessions work really well to change your body patterns, especially if you prefer to train twice a week.
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