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Are you suffering from recurring running injuries?

One of the biggest frustrations for a runner is not being able to run! If you are finding you spend more time trying to resolve your running injury than out on the road running then it is time to dig into your running form. Injuries will settle down with rest, you can build strength, improve control and stability, however if you return to your old running form then there is a very good chance your pain will return again. You need to break the cycle.

Are you keen to improve your running speed?

Every runner has goals, ambition to improve. Maybe you are targeting the distances you run, how often you run each week or maybe you are keen to improve your speed. Can you achieve that PB this year? It may well be that you are working towards a key race or maybe you compete in multi-sport events, where your running efficency is key to your race results.

A Running Analysis can help you understand your running form strengths and weaknesses, and allow you to take strides towards your individual goals.

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Video Running Form on Treadmill

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Running Video
Analysis - Overview

Running Analysis London


If you suffer from recurring running injuries, or you are interested in improving your running performance then a video running analysis is a must. You will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current running patterns, get top tips to make small changes and understand the journey required to develop into a better runner. You will also receive a video report of your session for future reference.


The running analysis helps you understand how you run, with the running specific Movement Screen, you will understand how you move. This will allow you to understand where issues are your running skill, or are movement issues related to how you move.

You will get a full report explaining the issues and key exercises to get you on the right track.

Technique Development Sessions

If you are suffering from injury or are keen to improve your running performance then running technique sessions are the first step for everyone, of all levels. With this package you can complete the running analysis and movement screen, and then jump straight into your running technique training, You need to build the basic understanding and movement patterns of an improved running technique before you can build speed and endurance. To find out more about our different training programmes to improve your running foundation head to the Running Technique page.

Junior Athletes

Junior athletes are the sporting future so their development and training is so important to manage correctly. Our performance team will assess and evaluate each individual, reviewing movement, running, strength and co-ordination to put a plan in place to discuss with the family the best pathway forward for the athlete. Installing the right movement patterns now has huge benefits for life in the future. For further information on our Athletic Development programmes please head to our Performance website; Youth Athletic Development

How can we help you with your running?

For Running Analysis & Technique Sessions

45 Minute

Video Analysis Only
  • Running Video Analysis Session
  • Introduction to the treadmill, session discussion and history of your running. Our running coaches will then complete x2 videos of you running on the treadmill, then into our performance room to review your videos on the TV & discuss your strengths and weaknesses.

Discovery Sessions

3 Session Running Analysis & Introduction of Technique
  • Video Analysis
  • Short Running Movement Screen.
  • Final Video of Running Progress
  • Keen to develop your running skill and understand your current running form?. The place to start, Step 1. Build your running technique and movement patterns. Our running discovery sessions are the ideal place to get you understanding the key areas of running technique.
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