Post Surgical & Fracture Rehabilitation

Have you recently had orthopaedic surgery? Are you recovering from a recent fracture? Our Rehabilitation team are ready to help get you on the road to recovery.
It is always scary taking the first steps in your recovery from a major injury or surgical intervention.
How will you progress? Will you be able to do the activities you enjoyed previously?
How long will it take to recover?
It is important you are in good hands from the start to get you on the best rehabilitation pathway for your recovery.
Our team are here to help guide you through those steps and get you back to being the best you can be quickly & efficiently.

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Post Surgical / Fracture Rehabilitation

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Our Rehabilitation Specialist are:

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Our experienced rehabilitation team will complete a full assessment of your injury and the surrounding areas to make sure they put the best treatment pathway in place for your condition. This will make sure you get fast effective treatment following your surgery or fracture.

They will also work closely with your consultant to make sure the expectations are meet for your progress, keeping you on track from start to finish.


With a thorough understanding of your diagnosis our team will get to work to get you moving again and back to the things you enjoy through a combination of manual therapy, taping and targeted exercise retraining.


With your function improving our team can review your movement patterns and develop your rehabilitation programme to help you achieve the best results as part of your treatment pathway. This is a great step to increase input into your recovery.

Home Exercise

Each client will receive an individually tailored home exercise programme to maximise the benefits of their clinic visits. These will be sent through via our exercise catalogue with full videos included for ease of use and understanding.


For Injury Specialist

60 Minute

Initial Assessment with Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Your hour assessment and analysis is completed by one of our Rehabilitation Specialists, who will take you through a comprehensive evaluation. On completion our team will be able to explain your current problem, related movement issues and the best pathway to recovery.

30 Minute Follow Up

With Rehabilitation Specialist
  • A single 30 minute rehabilitation treatment session to help you get back on track. These sessions are designed to best fit your stage of recovery and so may include manual therapy or movement and exercise management accordingly. With block booking you can obtain a discount on these prices so please ask your clinician or our Front House team.
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