How your movement patterns can affect your running technique?

Our bodies are amazing at adapting. The bigger issue is that our brains seem to remember how we moved not how we move now, meaning we change, adapt and are never aware of the changes taking place.

Why is this important? Well today we take a look at a runner who has over active (tight) hip flexors and quads, pulling the pelvis into an anterior tilt. As such there is resistance pulling the leg through and keeping the foot low to the ground.

There is also a knock on effect. The upper body is trying to compensate for the twisting through the pelvis and so there is associated twisting of the shoulders while running. We see this so often while watching runners outside.

The good news is it is all avoidable. Improve the movement patterns, change the synergy (how the muscles work together) and educate the person on how they can move (coaching).

The results can be amazing.

Build A Better Runner