Is your deadlifting affecting your hip health?

The world is abuzz with hip hinging. It is everywhere and everyone must do it. Essentially this movement pattern to help build strong gluts to improve explosive speed is taking over the world. If this is your aim then keep going it will massively help you.

However if you spend your whole day sitting in a chair at a computer, then training the same pattern, and in fact you are unable to move another way – essentially bending your back – then you are risking your hip health, and probably your performance too. Muscles fatigue even working at low levels if they are constantly \’on\’ and if they are working all day everyday because of how you move your performance will be affected.

Runners and triathlete you do not escape either, if you naturally hip hinge then you are blocking hip extension and your body will need to find somewhere else to power you along. Generally your calves or back muscles.

I am sure this video will help you understand how you move naturally and then you can plan to work on making sure your time spent in the gym is the most effective possible.

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