Importance of Dynamic Strength & Stamina Training  – Prepare to Succeed

This blog is targeted primarily at the London Wayfarers Hockey Club and is designed to help improve their agility, fitness and stamina as they get back onto the hockey pitch. This is super important in the current climate as sport returns around the world there are indications that the number of soft tissue injuries being picked up by athletes is far higher than normal – 3 times higher in the Bundesliga, while Australian Rules Football has seen similar injury levels for groin, hamstrings and ankles that are not normally seen on the current scale.

The problem is not the return to sport but the intensity of change of direction required under pressure, the explosiveness and agility has been dropped form home training during this period. So get to work to prepare your body and remember to build the intensity in training sessions over the first few weeks so the body has time to adapt and develop to the new stresses placed on it again.

If you are not a hockey player but are returning to a multidirectional sport then these sessions could help you get back to your best

Enjoy your training.

London Wayfarers – HITT Training Session

London Wayfarers – Agility Training Session

London Wayfarers – Speed Endurance Training Session