If you have local pain, weak grip strength, and it is tender to push – find out more to confirm your diagnosis.

Tennis elbow causes many issues for the modern population because we spend so much of our time in habitual postures that can load the elbow region. Even while you are reading this your palm is likely to be facing your desk. You are in pronation, this already adds stress and loading to the extensor complex and in particular the extensor tendon on the lateral side of your elbow.

If you then have a new gym programme, head to the garden or even just lifting the shopping can set off the final straw that starts your elbow pain. The tissues have been loaded already. So no you do not have to have played tennis to get tennis elbow, in fact to give it a better name it is an extensor tendinopathy that you are suffering from.

Tendinopathies can be complex. To get fast effective treatment and return to the hobbies and sports you enjoy an early diagnosis is important.

Recover from your injury. Make sure you then take the next step to build your foundation and prevent future loading of the same tissues.