Your 10 Minute – Get Moving Session for Kids (&Adults)

Build Strength, Stamina & Have Fun

This short 10 minute workout is set up for you with simple exercises that can really make a difference to your child. They focus on our core Foundation beliefs that focus on;






& the great news is this is as good for you to complete as them.

You will need;

A football / netball even a tennis ball will work

A broom

Yoga block or a big book – dictionary would work

Heavy ball or bag with a couple of books in it – 1-3 kgs depending on the age of your child

Tape to make a cross on the floor, or use a belt lying on the ground.

Now get ready to have fun and enjoy movement for all the family.

Kids (& Adult) 10 Minute Training Session



Build A Better You

Stay Safe & Keep Moving