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MSK Ultrasound can be a great way to obtain pictures of the common soft tissues that can cause pain, such as tendons, muscles and ligaments.
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Ultrasound MSK Evaluation
As Part of your Physiotherapy Assessment

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Our Ultrasound Specialist, Sergio, will complete a normal physiotherapy assessment. The advantage of ultrasound is that he can use the system effectively to obtain a view of the musculoskeletal system and assist in assessing the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. This can be used, along side your traditional physiotherapy assessment, to build an improved picture of the diagnosis (what is causing your pain and current tissues involved) and allow him to build a better management pathway for your recovery.


Musculoskeletal Treatment

With a thorough understanding of your diagnosis, Sergio can discuss the best plan to move forwards. With the advantage of the ultrasound assessment alongside the musculoskeletal assessment you treatment plan can be outlined. 

If Sergio feels you need further investigations or management with a consultant we can refer you to one of our trusted consultants for further management planning. 

In most cases however you will be cleared to begin your physiotherapy treatment, with the extra confidence in the treatment plan.

Monitoring & Re-Assessment

The wonderful part of ultrasound assessment is that it is all recorded through pictures from the unit so they can be re-assessed. This will allow Sergio to monitor your progress, allowing controlled loading and return to activity knowing the tissues are ready for more tissue tolerance building.

This will give you the confidence to move forwards with your treatment knowing that you are ready for the next phase of your recovery.

Return to Activity

The key to any injury recovery & rehabilitation programme is to get you back and exercising safely and confidently again. As your physiotherapy programme progresses and you move from ‘Remove Your Pain’ into ‘Build Your Foundation’, Sergio will work with you to make sure you can adapt back into your normal activities again.

This is an exciting stage of the rehabilitation process as you can really feel your progress speeding up as you load the tissues and target the muscle restrictions and weaknesses that are holding you back.


For Ultrasound Assessment as part of Physiotherapy Initial

Initial Physiotherapy

With Sergio Gutierrez
  • If you have a soft tissue injury that may benefit from Ultrasound Assessment as part of the managemnet plan and diagnosis, then if you book with Sergio, our Ultrasound Specialist, he will be able to complete this if required as part of your assessment.
  • Full Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Option to complete Ultrasound Assessment
  • Improved Management Planning

Follow Up Appointment

With Sergio Guttierrez
  • This will be the best option if you are in already under the care of one of our physiotherapy team. If they feel your management might beneift from an Ultrasound Assessment wiht Sergio then this cna be completed as a follow up appointment and your best pathway discussed.
  • Specific Ultrasound Assessment
  • Comparison to current diagnosis & Assessment
  • Improved Management Plan
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