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NutritionalMatters is working in partnership with Body Logic Health to support clients in creating optimal health, performance and wellbeing.

Our experienced nutrition team is here to guide you on your journey to better health. Book an appointment with our friendly assessment team and start your recovery today.

NutritionalMatters is part of the HealthMatters Group, providing a wide variety of nutritional and clinical health services to support optimal health and wellbeing, the treatment of illness and disease, and enhancing sports performance. 


During your first 60 minute consultation we take the time to explore your medical and health historuy across your lifespan. Focussing on food trends, lifestyle, illness and medication as well as stressful events. Your practitioner will guide you through this process, and you are welcome to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. This process helps our nutrition team to create a personalised and functional picture of your health, helping to identify any potential nutritional or biomechanical imbalances in your body, and will inform your personalised nutrition plan.


During each of your consultations, your practitioner will provide nutritional education. Explaining why you may be experiencing some of your health symptoms, and why they are recommending certain dietary or lifestyle changes. We make sure that you have the understanding and nutritional education to motivate you to make change, as well as provide you with the tools to support your health once you have completed your nutrition consultations.

Health Management

Your nutrition practitioner will review your food diary and create personlised dietary changes to optimise health and address nutritional deficiences. Nutrition plans are created to be approriate to your individual lifestyle and personal preferences, and to ensure that changes are manageable and successful. When appropriate, supplement recommendations may be offered to address deficiencies.

Nutrition Coaching

Exploration , education and a planare really important if you want to create positive changes in your health. Our nutrition team will coach you to achieve your health goals, with targeted behavioural interventions and lifestyle management. We will help you identify challenges and barriers, and support you in building strategies for change, with new healthy habits.

Functional Testing

We offer a wide range of comprehansive functional testing to identify imbalances in your physiology and biochemistry, that further help us to provide you with a personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle management. Functional tests range from digestive profiles and full hormonal panels, to vitamin and mineral deficiency checks, and more.

Supplement Programme

While we take a food first approach, our team of nutritional therapists and dietitians are able to offer personalised supplement recommendations where appropriate. All recommendations are based on your health history, health goals and are checked against any medication you might be taking, to ensure safety. Your practitioner can recommend high quality supplements, as well as dosage and timings to support your individual nutritional needs.

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For Nutritional Therapy, Dietitians & Functional Medicine

Nutritional Package 1

With Nutritional Therapist
  • Body Logic Health have negoitiated a special corporate rate for our customers who would like to work online with a member of the Nutritional Matters team.
  • This 2 session package includes an initial 60 minute consultantion and a follow up 40 minutes session.
  • Available with Helen, Jess, Nese, Farah, Rachel, Olga & Aira

Nutritional Package 2

With Nutritional Therapist
  • Body Logic Health have negotiated a special corporate rate for our customers who would like to work online with a memeber of the Nutritional Matters team.
  • This 2 session package includes an initial 60 minute consultation and a follow up session for 40 minutes.
  • Available with Susanna, Joy, Tabitha & Chloe

Follow Up Sessions

With Nutritional Therapist
From £90.00
  • These follow up sessions have also been included in the corporate discount and will hlep you acheive the results you are looking for.
  • The length of the follow up session will be decided on your plan but is likely to be a 40 minute session to discuss progress and plan moving forwards.
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