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Explore your medical history and health timeline to understand your current symptoms. Assess your physiology from presenting signs and symptoms, and any past medical testing in order to identify underlying imbalances. Suggest any relevant additional functional testing to obtain updated information.

Health Management

Structure personalised dietary changes to optimise nutrition and address nutritional deficiencies. targeted supplement programme, where necessary, to address deficiencies beyond the levels that may be obtainable from food alone.

nutrition coaching

Support you in achieving your health goals, with targeted behavioural and lifestyle management, identification of challenges and barriers, building and establishing new healthy habits.

Functional testing

Identify imbalances in your physiology and biochemistry before they reach the stage of pathology or disease, using functional testing as part of  a holistic personalised medicine approach.


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Why choose nutritional matters?

Experienced Team

Integrated Nutrition & Lifestyle Approach

Functional Medicine Model

Long Term Health Solutions



your introductory package involves:

Medical / Health History

Assess Presenting Signs & Symptoms

Functional Testing

Health Management Plan

Personalised Diet Plan

Targeted Supplement Programme

Lifestyle Coaching


our nutritional therapist is:

Sue Camp

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Metabolic Balance Coach

What conditions treated Include:

Weight Management

Hormonal Imbalance

Lack of Energy & Fatigue

Poor Immunity

Sports Performance

Digestive Function

Chronic Stress & Adrenal Function

& more…

further information

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science in the promotion of personal health, individual care and peak performance. Registered Nutritional Therapists make use of a wide range of tools to understand how underlying imbalances may contribute to how clients present symptoms and health concerns.

Personalised nutrition takes a systems-biology approach to addressing the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms experienced by clients.

Our practitioners consider each individual to be unique and our programmes are always personalised, taking into account biochemical individuality, and targeted to the unique combination of needs and imbalances expressed by each client.

The strategy is to use food, lifestyle and targeted supplements where necessary, to address these underlying imbalances. Our intention is to help clients understand their bodies and to empower them to make better decisions, so as to optimise their health.

Each programme is reviewed regularly and evolves over time depending on tracked progress. The collaborative relationship with our clients means that they take an important and engaging role in their own recovery to optimal health.

Through lifestyle and nutrition coaching, we will guide you towards developing healthier habits in order to experience greater vitality and a more profound sense of wellbeing.

Nutritional Therapy is recognised as complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, and those looking for preventative medicine in order to enhance their overall wellbeing and vitality.


Just to say, thank you both so much for your running technique/run-planning input. I ran Oxford Half yesterday in a pb of 1.35.04 (pb by about 2 minutes, which had been my aspiration for ages) – totally unexpected given my main goal was to get round uninjured.


Just to say, thank you both so much for your running technique/run-planning input. I ran Oxford Half yesterday in a pb of 1.35.04 (pb by about 2 minutes, which had been my aspiration for ages) – totally unexpected given my main goal was to get round uninjured.


I have been seeing Amy at a Body Logic Health for the last few months regardinglongstanding hip and back pain from childhood pelvic surgery. Amy quicklygot to the route of the pain and has lessened it considerably. She has alsogiven me exercises to strengthen the area and a pathway to get back intoexercise. She is amazing!


Just to say, thank you both so much for your running technique/run-planning input. I ran Oxford Half yesterday in a pb of 1.35.04 (pb by about 2 minutes, which had been my aspiration for ages) – totally unexpected given my main goal was to get round uninjured.



My 10k time used to be about 55min, I ran a PB when I last saw you at Clapham - 50m13 (pretty disappointed not to go sub 50m). My main goals from Running Evolution have been to run injury free - I have run more this year than any other year



Amy, my physiotherapist, has been amazing clearly explaining each stage of the treatment & rehabilitation program with patience and a fun and enthusiastic manner. Setting progressive and varied exercises to build strength & stability for my return to competitive racket sports and running.This manner has been instrumental in maintaining motivation throughout the process and it has been extremely rewarding to see the considerable progress made because of this.


In terms of rehabilitation offering, I feel I have had access to a 360’ program, as in addition to the physiotherapy my posture, walking and running has been videoed and analysed which has transformed my gait and running technique to minimise further injury.I have also had access to sports massages to maintain flexibility to maximise the results of the rehabilitation and strengthening exercises at home and in their fantastic gym and exercise area all on site.A big thank you to the whole team.


For the previous two months I had been hobbling around like Quasimodo’s elder sister. Three months and eight treatments later, reinforced by "Walking Retraining" - to correct my gait and posture, I feel like a new woman. My hip is all but better, my back hasn’t been so good in years and my mojo has returned


Thanks for all your help – its pretty impressive to think that my first lesson was on the 27th January and that I managed a sub 3hr 30 marathon just over 3 months later. I’d struggled to run much from mid-December last year so to get to Hamburg in good shape felt like a race against time. There’s no doubt in my mind that the lessons made all the difference.


The Performance Matrix, an individualised programme, which has targeted my weak areas in order that I can attain new goals: cycling, yoga and 13 hour shifts on my feet!!! My long term goal is to get back skiing which I can now see is a possibility. And the best bit - I no longer have to spend 30 minutes stretching each day to relieve my pain ?


Running Evolution has adapted my technique immeasurably to run longer distances consistently faster all while remaining injury free - I am simply running better than I ever have'



I think everyone who enjoys running or intends to run regularly should definitely attend Running Evolution. I also firmly believe that Running Evolution is something we should have all gone through as kids!’


Without having done the Performance Matrix movement screen, I would never have been able to remain injury free while training for and running the London marathon this year. You certainly have to commit to doing the exercises but the results have allowed me to feel that I am in the best shape I could possibly be


I was referred to you by my doctor as I had an achilles tendon injury caused by road running. I first had 6 physio sessions, the goal was to eliminate the discomfort and get me back on the ‘road’. During the initial physio sessions it became clear that my running technique contributed to my injury so Paul recommended your run clinic. Moving from physio to run clinic was a smooth transition, after 7 sessions with Laura I now feel much stronger and this has been reflected in my run times. The achilles remains in good shape. All in all an ...


My son James attended the Running Evolution and was coached by Sam. During his six lessons, James completely changed his running style and dramatically increased his speed. A member of Arsenal Football Academy, his season scores on Nike Testing all improved, as well as, his balance and co-ordination. In such as short period of time, it’s made a dramatic change in James as an athlete. I can’t thank the Running Evolution enough.









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