Helping You with Pain, Injury & Movement

Offering Our Best Service for You

The situation is changing and rapidly, so by the time I have finished this we may have moved on another phase. The BLH Team are keen to help you manage as best as possible in the current climate and so we have a number of ideas to help you as best required. These are just options so that you know if you need our help we are there for you.

Stay Well, Stay Safe

Physiotherapy Service Options

We are still open for business and have some innovative options to help your injury management.

Currently the clinic is open to help those in acute pain or managing your treatment pathway. While we are able to the clinic will continue to offer this service for our clients.

Physiotherapy in the Park, taking social distancing into account, we can effectively manage your movement health & pain in a unique way to keep your treatment pathway moving forwards effectively.

We have a range of Skype options to help manage new injuries or current complaints. Your pain can be managed effectively to help you.

Pilates Training

We are currently still open for business to help you manage your movement health however have ideas to keep you training.

Currently the clinic is open so you can still enjoy the your reformer sessions in our well aired clinic.

Pilates in the Park will help manage social distancing however allow you to get outside and work on maintaining your core strength with 1.2.1 training.

Mat Pilates in the safety of your own home with Skype sessions by one of our expert Pilates instructors to help keep the focus on you.

Running Training

Running is one of the safest ways to exercise currently and there are a host of options to improve your fitness & form.

Our clinic is still open and we can complete your training session in our gym utilising the treadmills for the most effective training session.

Take your training outside with 1.2.1 sessions in the park, managing social distancing and your fitness effectively. Our expert Running Coaches are here to help you.

Rehabilitation & Performance Training

Currently we are pleased to say our gym training area for 1.2.1 sessions is still open and ready to help you beat cabin fever.There will be regular posts on our website blog and social media to help give you effective programmes to complete at home to keep your movement health & performance in tip top shape.

There is currently the ability to take your training to the park with 1.2.1 sessions run by our Performance Team, managing social distancing and keeping you mentally and physically sharp.