The Secret Issue that could be affecting your Running.

Too Many Squats can cause Issues too.

The trend towards HITT sessions and Olympic lifting has had an untold effect on runners. Increasing there are new overload injuries coming through the clinic, many avoidable with improved training and more care taken on movement patterns.

Essentially the body is task focused so you will complete the job required. In this case running, and the forward momentum required. It regularly comes up in our posts that the calves take the stress and again in this case shin splints is a likely potential issue with this type of adaption, aside from the increased loading on the anterior section of the hip.

Run better, address your movement patterns. Elite runners work on technique, you can too however you need to understand how you move first before you can correct the problems. Running Video Analysis with an expert Running Coach allows you to find and fix your technical problems.

Enjoy your running