Essential Five Exercises for Stair Climbing

Do you have an event planned this season? As everyone prepares for the event season ahead in 2019 it is worth taking note of the work that is often underrated, often put to the back of the training plan, and essentially not completed to the level required to gain the benefits.

This is a simple guide to the basics to make sure you are covering the right training to build the correct muscles, through the correct ranges for your stair climbing event this season.

Simply add these exercises in as a stand alone strength training day;

4 sets of 30-45 seconds of work

Or at the end of a training session;

2-3 sets of 30 seconds work

You will notice the difference in no time and find yourself flying up those stairs.

Enjoy your training.

1st – Backward Lunge – Essentially going backwards avoids activating the quads so aggressively and helps target the gluts. Stay tall, keep the knee in line with the foot and keep the back thigh perpendicular to the floor so you are not over stretching the quads.

2nd – Incline row, you can use a cross bar in the park if needed, keep the hips up and shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line, this works your core as well as your arm strength for pulling yourself up those stairs for those with great technique.

3rd – Cross Jumps, drive up off your leg on the step aiming to gain maximum height, driving through the leg to fully straighten the hips too. Build that mid to inner range of quad and glut strength.

4th – Rotation Plank, prefer to start in press up to build your form first. Keep the hips in line and rotate as one do not let the hips lead the movement, do not over rotate at the top of the movement, just reach up to the sky.

5th – Box Jumps, good old fashioned explosive force, work at a height you are happy with, aim for explosive jump up at speed, step down reset and repeat. You will only be able to do 6-8 really well so take your time.

Enjoy your training.