Suffering with Neck Pain from Cycling?

Don\’t let neck pain stop you from enjoying your exercise this summer.

Cycling is a wonderful sport and if you are in London then you will be enjoying the added safety of the empty roads, unfortunately it also places us in a similar position to our working day. It is good to change your habits for your joint and muscle health, however if cycling is a great passion then it can mean you need to put in a little extra work to keep your neck in good shape. The essentials to create movement health.

So here we look at the stress that can be placed on the neck during cycling, especially if you are dropping down into the time trial position, and how this can cause various issues around the neck. Generally loading the mid neck region and creating the classic chin poke posture, that so many people now adopt. In itself this is not an issue however over time placing the same stress on the same tissues will cause problems, you will notice pain and it might not settle down with rest. Pain tends to settle when we reduce load on the tissues and if this is not happening then the pain can persist.

Understand why the stress occurs and one key exercise that you can add to your routine to help you keep a strong neck so you can continue to enjoy your cycling pain free.

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