Is you back causing you issues when you are out cycling?

Understand why your back might be sore now you are cycling more, and what you can do to help solve the problem.

The sun is out, exercises are restricted so cycling is a great way to spend time outside and improve your fitness. However recently you have noticed that your back starts to get painful into the ride, worse when you are going uphills or pushing the power up and definitely towards the end of a ride.

Maybe you are hitting the turbo or the new craze, Peloton, either way when cycling inside you tend to push hard for shorter periods of time, again you can load the back and create the same issue. If this applies to you then watch the video for more information.

This is annoying however there might be an easy solve here. Most back pain is mechanical in nature with posture and training adding load to low back area. Here we explore a possible reason for your low back problem and what you can do to help improve your movement control to create a stronger back.

It doesn\’t matter of you are new to cycling, training for a triathlon, starting your cycling programme for Ride London, this could affect anyone, it is about how you move.

Improve your power through the pedals & enjoy your bike ride more.