Is your neck causing you problems when you are cycling?

It can be wonderful to enjoy the sun on your bike, so don\’t let neck pain spoil your fun.

Habits cause many of the pain related issues that we deal with and need assistance to settle. I love this quote from one of the best manual therapists in the world, who has done so much to put movement at the front of our thinking;

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes are seldom caused by isolated precipitating events, but are the consequences of habitual imbalances in the movement system.’
– Sahrmann

So here we look at cycling again and how the mid back can cause extra loading into the neck region, which might be building pressure in your neck or be the reason for your underlying pain. Now the great thing about this is that if you happen to sit at a desk all then there is a chance this will help you anyway, however if you have hit the bike recently and can feel tension building up in your neck following a ride then this will help keep you moving well and pain free.

Or maybe you are inside taking the social distancing fully on board and using your Peloton sessions or a training app like Zwift, which you are now pushing harder than previously. Increased training volumes means increased training loads for the soft tissues to deal with, either way you can help.

The idea here would be to complete these exercises before a ride or at some point during the day, to keep you mobile and activate the muscles to maintain the position. Look at stretching the mid back for about 1-2 minutes before completing 3 sets of about 30-45 seconds of the exercise lying on your tummy.

Create A Strong Mid Back for your Cycling