Struggling Working at Home – Try These Helpful Tips


With the current global situation, most of us are in isolation and are working from home. We have been sent away from the offices and are working in our makeshift workplaces in our homes. With the rest of the family also at home, finding a quiet suitable place might be proving a challenge. However, making sure you have a good set up is imperative to maintain focus, be comfortable, and avoid triggering any old injuries or creating new ones.

Whilst it may be tempting to work from sofa or your bed for the comfort level, you will find yourself most probably hunched over a laptop. Something that your body will not thank you for in the long-term; most probably leading to some pain and stiffness. If you are going to be working from home long-term, you might as well spend some time making it suitable and comfortable.


  1. Chair
    1. Good lumbar support – you can use a cushion or towel to provide comfort and support
    2. Chair height – your knees are flexed at 90-100 degrees with your feet flat on the floor
    3. Sit at the back of the chair with your feet flat on the floor


  1. Screen height and multiple screens
    1. Have your screen at eye level, so you are not continuously looking down. If you are working from a laptop, you could prop it up on books
    2. If you have multiple screens have your main straight in front of you at eye level and your other screen below, or just to the side. Make sure you are not always twisting or looking to one side, as this may lead to neck or back pain.


  1. Mouse and keyboard
    1. If you are working from a laptop, try and get access to a separate mouse and keyboard so you are not constantly reaching forwards to the laptop keyboard, putting tension through your shoulders, wrists and neck. You can then have your screen at a good height whilst controlling your laptop in a better position for your body.



Get up at least every hour and walk around, this will keep your blood circulating, delivering oxygen to muscles and your brain and help to avoid tension building up in one area of your body.

Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, either going for a walk or doing an online class.

Stay Well, Stay Healthy & Keep Fit