3 Reasons to get Interval Sessions into your Training Week

The Result – you will run faster

Today we discuss the importance of the interval session.

We have put together a basic programme for you to start with, and this is super important if you are running for 27’30 minutes or longer for a 5k run. Should you fall into that category you really should have walking and interval training as part of your weekly programme to maximise the benefits of running for your body.

If you run faster then this is a great way to get into interval sessions and you probably are already aware of the benefits. Do you complete them regularly as part of your training week though? Is it too hard or are you not entirely sure what to do so tend to just ignore the fact you miss them. Try this simple plan to get you into the swing of it, and once you see the benefits then you will be craving more information – and we will have it for you.

Simple plan assuming you are running for 25 minutes or more

Start with a 10 minute easy run & 5 minutes of activation work (check this blog for ideas –

Take a 60 second rest between each set.

Week 1 – 400m x10 at 5k time +10%

Week 2 – 600m x10 at 5k time +10%

Week 3 – 800m x5 at 5k time + 10%

Week 4 – 1000m x5k time +10%

Repeat weeks 1-4 again with 45 seconds rest.

Be consistent, the last run should be at the same pace as the first run. If you are unable to achieve the same time then stop, recover and go again later in the week.

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