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ASSESS & Diagnose

Our Running Specialists have an extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of running and will use this, along with their assessment skills to diagnose your current running injury. This is essential to getting you on the right track with your injury management, and most importantly the pathway to get you back to running again.  


With a thorough understanding of your diagnosis our running team will get to work to remove your pain through a combination of manual therapy, taping and targeted exercise retraining. Integrating in your return to running programme and video analysis to help prevent recurrence.

Running video analysis

With your pain settled and your pathway allowing you to return to running, our team can review your running patterns via video analysis. This can help progress your management further & prevent recurrence of your injury.


Each client will receive an individually tailored home exercise programme to maximise the benefits of their clinic visits. These will be sent through via our exercise catalogue with full videos included for ease of use and understanding.  This integrates into your sessions for maximum impact on your recovery.


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Experienced in Running

Movement Experts

Effective Management Pathways

Long Term Solutions 

Running Video Analysis

your hour assessment involves:

Running Injury / Pain History

Running Injury / Pain Evaluation

Movement Assessment (Running Specific)

Specific Joint / Muscle Testing

Diagnosis Discussion

Pain Management Treatment

Individualised Home Exercise Programme

Treatment Plan

Return to Running Discussion


our running specialists are:

Pain Management Experts

Movement Specialists

Experienced (Min 5 Years)

Trained Running Coaches 

Undergoing Running Specific CPD    

Running conditions treated Include:

Back Pain & Sciatica

Tendinopathy (e.g; Achilles)

Patellofemoral Pain (kneecap)

Plantar Fasciitis

Runners Knee / ITB Syndrome

Ankle / Knee Injuries 

Hip Impingement

Post Surgery

& more…

further information


There is something very special about the ability to head out the door for a run. It offers a freedom, time to relax the mind, an ability to improve fitness and to challenge the body for those targeting specific events. Whatever the reason for you to head out for a run, when an injury prevents this it can have a huge effect on an individual.

Our Running Specialists understand the frustration of not being able to run. In those moments your main focus is how to return to running again, which is quite understandable. Our team are experts at diagnosing running injuries and helping you understand the nature of your injury, the time frames involved in your return to running and will help you understand the best pathway back to the sport you enjoy.

 For many it is not the original injury or problem but the recurrence of running injuries that leads to the frustration. Using our extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of running you will build a good understanding of your injury management pathway. However to achieve your maximum potential you should look beyond your pain or injury and into your movement patterns, which we can do utilising software to help us analyse your running patterns.

To find out more about our Running Video Analysis, follow the link through as it should be a key step in any running keen to remain injury free and enjoy the freedom of running.

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes are seldom caused by isolated precipitating events, but are the consequences of habitual imbalances in the movement system.’
– Sahrmann

With early identification of your movement impairment or running faults, your treatment and subsequent retraining can be targeted at correcting these underlying issues, while settling the stressed tissues and begin planning your return to running.. This allows you to not only return to running but also to do so with renewed confidence and understanding in how your body will cope.

Once you are back on the road again our running specialists are ready to help you with your training plans, programme design and can assist in technical improvements to, helping to improve your biomechanics and running patterns to decrease risk of future injuries. There is further information about our Running Evolution programme here to help you understand how your full pathway can develop depending on your specific requirements and injury issues.

This means your running issues are clearly identified allowing our team to retrain your movement patterns with individualised programmes to address your aims and goals. 

Build A Better Runner 

Arthur Leventhorpe
Arthur Leventhorpe
All staff are super friendly, Sergio has saved my shoulder, always enjoy coming here
Sharon Byrne
Sharon Byrne
Just finished a six week massage course with Andrew Walker; have to say that I’ve had many massages before with very little interaction and not knowing what was causing my back problems when I left, but Andrew was very different! Excercises to do every week, explaining what might be the cause and spoke to me in a manner that I knew what he meant! He’s definitely worth every star! Would also like to mention the lovely lady on reception, Harriet who is so welcoming and always has a smile on her face 🥰
James Lamper
James Lamper
Great professional team, excellent customer service. They helped me move from chronic pain and mobility issues, to being injury free, moving with confidence, and running with great technique. Body Logic will take care of you, and your health!
Chiara Cristoni
Chiara Cristoni
I had a running analysis with Andrew at BodyLogicHealth and found it very informative. The idea of dissecting my running style on a big screen was slightly uncomfortable but it turned out very interesting and useful! Andrew pointed out a few things that can be tweaked to improve my running efficiency as well lower injury risk, but also highlighted what I am doing right. It was a quite in-depth session and I would really recommend it! A big thank you to all staff at BLH, great service always!
Josef Wisniewski
Josef Wisniewski
I have been seeing Alex at Body Logic for around 9 months, rehabilitating my sports injury and have had excellent treatment so far. Everyone is very friendly, the gym equipment is good quality and the physios are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I also had a running analysis session with another physio which was a really great experience. I am almost fully recovered and with the help that Alex that has given me I am hoping to be able to hike to Everest Base camp in a couple of months time. I would highly recommend Body Logic for physiotherapy to anyone!
Lucie Burns
Lucie Burns
I’ve been visiting Body Logic on and off for a few years (for different ailments). Every time I have received a friendly and professional service. It is one of the only physios where I feel they have a good understanding of what is wrong and present a solid plan for getting me back on track. With previous physios I always left feeling treatment was guess-work and have never really recovered. Body Logic’s ethos to correct body movements help you not only recover from injury but prevent future ones. This, supported by their high-quality Pilates instructors provides holistic support to ensure you are using your body correctly. Highly recommend.
Aidan McMahon
Aidan McMahon
Superb experience and got me returning to running after seeing another physio (unsuccessfully for 8 months previously!). Would highly recommend working with Andrew, Roisin & Alex - a great team!






Sergio Martin Gutierrez

Sergio Martin Gutierrez




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