How Poor Control of Rotation Movements Could Be Creating Your Low Back Pain

In the modern world one of the major issues with our daily activity is that in actual fact there is very little. As a result of sitting for long [periods of time our hip flexors and thigh muscles tighten up, in turn this prevents good rotation at the hip.

The end result is simple. You rotate more through the low back. Our body remains task focused and will find a way to complete the activity you are doing, the excessive rotation placing more stress on the low back soft tissues and joints.

Rotation related problems will tend to notice;
Pain is more one sided
Twisting movement create problems
Getting in or out of a car can be an issue

This video will take you through the basic way to test if this fits your pattern, and where to start to get control through your abdominals again to protect the area. Stretching is usually a big part of the journey too.