What could your child achieve?

The Building Blocks for the Future

Work in order;

Understand current movement patterns with a through movement and running analysis. It is always important with children to understand where they are in their development before you start training new patterns, how they learn and what is the important first steps to put in place. Video analysis great helps coaches work on improving patterns and understanding the small areas that might need addressing, obviously with increased age they can become more technical in the discussions.

Build the foundation first. Make sure the movement patterns are right, the movement is available and understood. Speeding up this phase only leads to an issue later in the training process. Kids adapt quickly however it is important to have those patterns in place. Working on balance, movement, the connection of brain to body.

Repeat patterns that help with running, sport and all athletic requirements. Once the movement is in place you need to build the neural pathway to develop the habit. Changing the patterns long term not just for the moment.

Develop the athlete! Build in performance training, strength and agility to create changes in the body that will improve sporting success – if that is the end goal.