Top Tip to Remove Your Shoulder Pain for Good

Improving Your Shoulder Blade Position can have a huge impact on your Shoulder Pain & Performance Levels

– Get the Foundation Right || Movement Specialists Physio Clapham

Having now looked at the various types of shoulder blade issues that can arise in people with shoulder injuries we now start to look at the correct positioning and retraining to build your foundation. The shoulder is a complex area for movement and performance however the first basic steps are simple and essential to give you the ability to improve shoulder control and build the steps to improved performance.

How will this help settle your pain? The shoulder blade is crucial to the dynamics in the shoulder joint and wihtut doubt every shoulder injury seen in clinic has an underlying shoulder blade biomechanical element involved, every single time. The driving force behind the majority of shoulder problems clinically is dyskinesis (poor movement control) of the shoulder blade. That needs to be fixed first to remove the stress and loading into the shoulder joint.

Get to wokr on improving your shoulder blade positioning and see the impact on your shoulder issues. Obviously getting an expert assessment will help identify your problem and help you target the right exercises from the start, improving your results. There is plenty to get started wiht in our shoulder series though.

Build Stronger Shoulders