How to keep your Shoulder Pain Free?

Best 3 Exercises to Build Your Shoulder Strength & Stability || Battersea Shoulder Strength

Right, so you have completed the hard work and are now out of pain. What next? You certainly don\’t want to regress, and unfortunately all to often we see clients return with the same or similar issues again. The best way to avoid going bakcwards is to focus on the full pathway of your recovery – Building Your Foundation – is so crucial to your long term.

Here we have put together the best 3 exercises for you to wokr on at home and help build your shoulder strength and stability. The strength comes through building tissue tolerance and developing muscle strength, which is a crucial stage of the rehabilitation process. There is also a big emphasis on stability, the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade muscles need to work as senergists (together in harmony) to allow you to ultise your power and speed effectively. This stage of your rehabilitation is important for the overall results.

Build Stronger, More Durable Shoulders