Step 1 – Build your Running Foundation

To Open up your Running Potential

We all develop patterns of movement from our day to day routines. This is a completely natural occurence so is not something to worry about. As you can imagine, over time though, these changes affect how we complete tasks – in this case the task is running.

Running is a skill, and a movement skill. As a result of our subtle changes in our movement we can have an effect on our running form, unfortunately this is generally not for the best results in terms of movement, tissue loading and injury risk.

The good news is that running is a skill that can be trained, changed and improved. Even better with the right practise and input you are able to keep working on your technique and maintain and improve your running further. It takes work though and this is key, you need to put aside time each week to work on your running technique to maintain the best form and obtain the best results.

Always remember – you should complete a good warm up, make sure interval sessions are a part of your training week, understand how you run (video analysis) and work on changing your movement in a positive way.

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Have a great summer of running