Understanding the issue

Your clinician may feel that Shock Wave Therapy is the right treatment for a number of injuries including tendinopathies, shoulder calcification or bursea issues, chronic muscle injuries and unresponsive chronic back complaints. The key is that ESWT will allow your body to begin the healing process and with good management you can kick start your recovery.

Looking at tendinopathy as a degenerative condition of a tendon, which is a flexible band of fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones. It is a common condition that most often affects the shoulder (rotator cuff & biceps tendinopathy), elbow (tennis elbow & golfer’s elbow), wrist (De Quervain’s tenosynovitis), hip (gluteus medius tendinopathy), knee (patella tendinopathy/jumper’s knee), ankle (achilles tendinopathy) or foot (plantar fasciitis).​

Tendinopathy is a common condition resulting from a long lasting ongoing stress to the tendon tissue and is very common for example in sportsmen or repetitive loading jobs but can affect anyone.

Shockwave treatment can be a great way to assist in settling down the pain in many tendinopathy issues and various pain issues driven by musculoskeletal problems. It can complement your current treatment with your clinician and assist you getting back to being the best you can be quickly and effectively. Generally it is used early on in the treatment process however there is increasing success with shockwave as a late stage treatment to resolve any niggles that are impairing the final stages of your rehabilitation process.


Body Logic Health, working with the latest evidence based treatment information, have put together a complete solution for tendinopathy treatment. It is clear now as the research builds that ESWT should be an integral part of that treatment pathway, especially in more complex and chronic issues. Our full treatment pathway will take you beyond the ‘quick fix’ and through the necessary phases to make sure you return to the activities your enjoy.

Important First Step

Your pain must be addressed first, it is important to be able to get on with your daily activities, and there are huge benefits to returning to normal activities. Your movement specialist will complete a full assessment to understand the best way forwards for your condition.

You will then have explained fully to you;
​The reason for your symptoms and the full diagnosis.

**It is important for the healing process that you DO NOT undertake strenuous activity in the 24 hours following your treatment that will excessively load or stress the treated area as this will affect your healing process. You should also stop taking anti-inflammatories during this period as it will interfer with your healing process too.

The first step to ‘remove your pain’

You will then begin the best treatment to help your recovery which will include ESWT, and our highly skilled physiotherapists will give you the best outline of the time frame for this first step.

ESWT alone will not resolve your problem however as part of the full rehabilitation programme it can dynamically change the course of your injury.


If you have made it this far previously and find yourself in treatment again then there are a few key factors that you need to be aware of;

There are plenty of different factors that can cause pain within the body. The most common reason is overuse related to habitual changes in the tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues in the body, which can be a result of muscle weakness or muscle imbalance, poor control of body movement or too rapid an increase of loading.​

Other risk factors includes e.g. hormonal changes in women, diabetes, thyroid problems and obesity, all these issue cna have an influence on your pain management.​

If you do sports or repetitive (heavy) work it’s important that your soft tissues are strong enough to tolerate the loading, you have good movement control, you have enough time to recover from the loading and you build up load wisely and slowly enough. 

ESWT alone will not resolve your problem, it will assist in settling pain levels and create a window of opportunity for your body to kick start the healing process.

Recurrence is the toughest area to address in any injury, primarily if you only completed the first step previously then the chances are you have not changed how the body is moving to prevent loading and issues returning at a later date.

The ability of our team to identify poor movement patterns, muscle imbalances, timing faults and related issues both above and below your specific injury means the team are ideally placed to explain and address these factors to move you to a better long term result and allow you to spend more time doing the activities you enjoy. 


Building your foundation is the key to step 2, having benefitted from your ESWT treatment and pain management you will have begun your rehabilitation phase. As you build your stability we need to identify the underlying movement faults that you have. You have a couple of options here depending on your specific requirements and end goals;

1. Movement Screen – a brilliant way to understand how you move affects your tissue loading and can be easily related back to many of the reasons behind the injuries we see in clinic each and every day.

2. Pilates Discovery Session – can be an exciting option looking forward at your long term movement health, the the screen helping identify issues in your movement that can then be addressed through targeted Pilates sessions.

3. Running Video Analysis – if running is your thing then this a great way to change the way you move to prevent future issues.

4. Walking / Rehabilitation Evaluation – your problem is crucial to walking and understanding how you move and load the body takes and can open the pathway options to improve patterning and create long term movement health

You will have the ‘how you move’ identified and explained in full detail to you, and this will allow your movement specialist to plan the next phase of your recovery.


Shockwave therapy can be used on both chronic and acute injuries
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