My back hurts when I bend.

Understand your back pain better. Does it hurt when you bend?
In this blog we look at the back and the problems that can be caused by poor control of movement in the spine when moving into flexion or bending movements. There is an introduction video that is well worth watching first so this will hlep build you the full idea, wiht the aim of helping you understand more about your back and your back pain. You can watch this video at: Why do I have low back pain?

If you have a problem that is predominantly focused on bending issues, so activities such as;

Brushing your teeth

Sitting for long periods, especially in low chairs


Gardening, which is a classic

Putting your socks and shoes on, especially in the morning

It is important to understand why your back might be problematic, because the one thing we can be certain of is that if we do not address the underlying causes of your back problem then recurrence rates are very high. Habits need to be understood and changed, movement patterns need to be understood and addressed. It is important that the loading of the tissues, muscles and joints is improved to reduce the chanc ethat your problem may return.

Make sure you understand your back pain better and then Build A Better You!