Understand how movement is affecting your back pain
There is nothing more frustrating than low back pain. Unfortunately many of us suffer at some point in our life with back pain that can affect our ability to enjoy our daily life, along with the activities we enjoy.

The key to building a stronger back is to understand how you move, were your strengths are and the weaknesses that need specific work to get you feeling great again. You back is challenged constantly by the daily stresses, ways you move and how you complete tasks, even sitting. As such you adapt how you move to stressing the tissues in differnet ways and creating issues.

Watch this series of videos to help understand your directional issues and understand how to develop your core to improve your back. It is individual, what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you. Obviously for the best results a full physiotherapy assessment by an expert will help get you to the right place more effectively.

Build A Stronger Back