Our First Action: Remove Your Pain

Body Logic Health, working with the latest evidence based treatment information, have put together a complete solution for your pain. Our full treatment pathway will take you beyond the ‘quick fix’ and through the necessary phases to make sure you return to the activities your enjoy.

Important First Step

Your pain must be addressed first, it is important to be able to get on with your daily activities, and there are huge benefits to returning to normal activities. Your movement specialist will complete a full assessment to understand the best way forwards for your condition.

You will then have explained fully to you;
​The reason for your symptoms and the full diagnosis.

The first step to ‘remove your pain’

You will then begin the best treatment to help your recovery, and our highly skilled team will give you the best outline of the time frame for this first step.

What is Site & Direction?

If your gluts, for example, are unable to control your hip from dropping into flexion, bending forwards without good control, then you are likely to use another muscle to substitute for this. One option might be to increase the work of your back muscles, another maybe to use your hamstrings more. This could result in the following issues;

1. Creating Increased Potential for Low Back Problems.

2. Over Active & Tight hamstrings

3. Increased Risk of Hip Impingement Issues

A common issue in the modern world with everyone sitting and working at computers all day. The TPM Screen can help your therapist get to the bottom of your movement issues, relate these back to any underlying pain or injury problems and help build a plan to reduce the risk of future problems. 

Movement is at the heart of many musculoskeletal issues and working on correcting these faults will put you in a better place, allowing you to enjoy the activities you enjoy the most.

Build A Better You

Building your foundation is the key to step 2, to complete this phase we need to identify the underlying movement faults that you have. You have a couple of options here depending on your specific requirements and end goals;

Movement Screen – a brilliant way to understand how you move affects your tissue loading and can be easily related back to many of the reasons behind the injuries we see in clinic each and every day.

You will have the ‘how you move’ identified and explained in full detail to you, and this will allow your movement specialist to plan the next phase of your recovery.

The main goal in building your foundation is to not only identify the underlying causative factors but explain why they are there so you can make lifestyle changes to help avoid recurrence and begin the movement retraining phase to adapt how you move to change excessive loading and tissue stress building up again in the body. 

Elevate Your Performance

Re-Training Your Movement Patterns

Your Movement Specialist will now send you through your exercises to start your journey. If these have not come through please email us to let us know so we can send them through again.

It is important to start your exercises and learn the movement patterns. When you have the exercises reviewed this will help fine tuning and to make sure you are completing the correct retraining at the right level for your specific requirements. It is all about the precision of movement training here to help your muscles complete their tasks effectively again.

What Next?

The progress you make will be dependent on your input, and we can help you with this journey. Essentially the ability to target, review and progress exercises can maximise the benefit of your programme, allowing you to maximise your results.

Option 1

A good option would be to complete two review exercises for progression and correction and then look at a re-screen at 4 months.

Option 2

A better option would be to continue working with your movement specialist, allowing them to progress and monitor your progress. Your exercises will remain challenging allowing you to maximise your results, along side treatment for restrictions that can inhibit your progress. Again the key is a re-screen at around 4 months to monitor progress and re-align the programme according to the results.

Option 3

To achieve the best results completing weekly rehabilitation exercises with one of our highly specialised coaches will help you obtain the best form your exercises and challenge the site and direction needing work in many different formats too. Keeping the exercises challenging and allowing you to achieve the very best results from your movement screen. 

Why complete a movement screen?

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