Did you secure your place for the London Marathon 2023?

Or do you have a triathlon planned for next season?


You may not have considered starting your training yet however we bet you got that great feeling of anticipation when you found out you had secured your race place. Now most runners accept that training begins after Christmas, this is the point where the true programme planning and training begins. The problem we see in clinic is the number of runners who get injured and are battling to get to the start line, all hopes of hitting their target time have evaporated. They are now just aiming to get around the race.

In many cases the issues arise due to a poor foundation. Building your foundation through proper technique coaching is vital, as all the elite athletes do. A focused core strength programme can reduce your injury risk dramatically. The reason this is important is if your base is in place then you will train consistently. Your body is better placed to deal with the training programme and you increase your chances of achieving your race day goals.
Now is the time to build your foundation, so you are ready for the New Year training plan for your triathlon or marathon. With the great deal above you can really maximise your potential.

Want to see how drastcially your running can change? Check out the video below where we show the progress of one of our runners who is a classic twister. We will go through his before and after to show the drastic change in his running technique such as his posture and stride.


Build A Better Runner