4 Common Exercises – Review Your Form

What is your exercise form like? Use mirrors to maximise your benefit.

Form is everything!

Doing a great excerise in poor form will not only render the excercise uneffective, but can potentially lead to injuries. Our body will play tricks on us allowing us to complete the task but not allowing us to target our weaknesses effectively, our body will always find a way to make an exercise easier to complete by using our current strong areas to achieve the desired effects.

Our latest video goes through a few common exercises for runners and shows you what to look out for to make sure you are complete them safely and so that they are beneficial for your training.

We look at some of the common exercises you might do in the gym, give you a good and bad form option. My thinking is that you will find the exercise harder to complete, may have to reduce the load or time you are currnetly completing the exercise for. This is good news you are building better movement, improved strength and a stronger core.

Build Better Movement for Greater Strength