Use Your Arms for Better Marathon Running

Top Tip for Marathon Runners (& Triathletes, Ironman Competitors too)
As we move into April there are many runners considering The London Marathon. It is now too late to complete any major technical changes in your running. The chances are you will just end up injuring yourself, however you can focus a little more closely on your arm movement. I think you will be surprised by the results that can be acheived just by improving the pattern that you complete with your arms during your running cycle.

So here we have the top tips you can review for your arm movement which will take, mostly, focus and concentration from you. This is especially key when you hit the tough stages of the race, as your arms allow you to keep your legs going in a smooth pattern. You are now fit and running well so focus on making sure everything is working to your advantage on the big day.

Build A Better Running

Enjoy Your Big Race