What Pilates is beneficial for

​1. Injury Management
Pilates is a wonderful rehabilitation tool for injury recovery. It can be utilised as a transition when moving from injury and pain back into exercise. This can help you progress into your specific field of exercise with comfort and confidence. Many injuries are a result of asymmetry within the body. Whether this is due to your body structure, your running technique or simply the way you move your body, this can increase the risk of injury. Being more aware of the body and its movements can create more symmetrical movement, which can be achieved through pilates.​
2. Performance
Pilates has many fantastic benefits such as improving core strength, increasing and maintain your mobility/flexibility, improving your posture and movement awareness, improving balance and performance. Pilates can be progressed to a higher level which focuses on maximising the stability muscles activity in order to improve high level activities like running, cycling, sports, weigh training etc. Increasing the pace and intensity of exercises to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as incorporating balance and proprioception which are vital for good sporting performance.


  • Clinical Pilates:All of our pilates instructors have been trained through APPI (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute). The APPI is a highly accredited and internationally recognised institution. It is based on the latest scientific research and has high quality instruction. The course can only be completed by medically trained professionals and our clinic has instructors that are either physiotherapists or sports rehabilitators..
  • Small Classes:Our classes have a maximum of three people in them. This allows for vital feedback from our instructors. Small classes enable the instructors to pick up and improve movement patterns so that the optimal positioning and gains can be achieved.
  • Pilates Pathway:As our classes are taken by medically trained professionals this allows for special needs such as pain and injury to be taken into consideration. Our team have developed a full pathway and class structure to allow you to return to exercise safely, work on strengthening problem areas before challenging you with our progressive and elite classes.



Who can benefit from a one to one session?
  • Really everyone can.
  • Clients who are just starting Reformer Pilates and need to build up their confidence.
  • People with pain, recovering from an injury who need immediate feedback on their form while doing the exercises.
  • Women who are pregnant and into the postnatal period often find they need a personalised approach to help them move effectively as their body goes through rapid changes.
  • The elite amateur athlete who wants to improve their performance and needs a personalised and tailored program in order to address their weak links.
  • Even the busy Londoner who struggles with classes times and needs to have an adjustable Pilates schedule to his/her diary.

And classes?

  • On the other hand classes have the social aspect of meeting people every week, exercising alongside people of the same ability as you.
  • In order to maximise the equality of every class we do provide 4 levels of reformer classes and the goal is to start where you feel comfortable and move forwards to reach the Elite level.
  • In order to start your Pilates journey please find these exercises to practice before, during or after your Pilates session.

Want to help your progress with Pilates?

Our Pilates Instructors have put together a great little home exercise programme to help you maximise the benefits.

Go to this link: My Pilates Exercises

Username: Clinical Pilates

Password: BuildABetterYou 

Start your journey today and enjoy your life again.

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