Is your desk set up creating your neck pain?

3 Simple tips to improve your desk set up and reduce the risk of neck issues

We all now spend increasing time at our desks, working at computers. It is the unavoidable change that is occuring in our working environment. As much as we are designed to move, that is the whole purpose of joints and muscles. When we are working at computers mush of the time we are relatively still. This is difficult to change in itself however we cna at least set ourselvves up so we can maximise our positioning and reduce the stress and loading into the neck region.

With a good neutral neck position, as we discuss in the video, along with good shoulder alignment you will be able to decrease the risk and loading mechanism into your neck, prevent neck pain and help you body cope with working at a desk more effectively. By being in a good posture we are avoiding excessive loading into the neck soft tissue region, and it is this stress in the system that creates, over an extended time, the issues we may have with muscles, ligaments and joints later in life. Good management and exercise can help reduce the risk of neck issues.

The changes required are simple;

  1. Use the correct chair for your desk, probably without arms so it can sit suitably close the the desk
  2. Have your computer at the correct height, eyes levelw with the top of the screen
  3. Have your elbows sitting underneath your shoulders, they should not be away form the body across the desk
  4. Bring your computer / mouse close enough so you cna maintain this position
  5. Keep the back of the neck long and tall, lift through the top of the head – hard but effective

The main point to take away then is that if you can get these small changes right continue to check and repeat them. It is about long term change to have a long term effect on the neck muscles and reduce neck pain. Obviously you may need some help setlting the pain down in the initial phase – and we can help with that too.

Build Better Neck Posture