How your Quads could be influencing your Hip Movement & Creating Hip Pain

Hip pain can have many influences. However in the modern world your quads could be an important part on both hip pain and your sporting performance.

Today\’s video explores the infleunce of quad on hip movement patterns and how our daily movements can lead to probelms over time.

After a quick and easy test to see if your quads are tight, you\’ll get great top tips on how best to roll and stretch your quads to release any tightness there. After, you can start working on building the weak glute muscles that may be causing your body to overcompensate and over work your quads. Doing this low threshold exercise and working to build your glutes will help prevent tightness in your quads reoccuring – which turn will change the way you move your hip and help prevent injuries and problems later down the line.

0:00 How do your quads influence your hips?
1:58 Are your quads tight? How to test your quads.
3:25 Rolling: How to release your quads.
5:00 Stretching: How to release your quads.
8:35 Low Threshold Exercise

Building Stronger Hips