How Can Shoulder Tightness Affect Your Running?


This is the first in two great videos for all those runners who sit at desks all day and then head out for runs in the evenings, and definitely for those looking at the London Marathon later in the year.

Shoulder tightness can be hard to spot however it can have huge effects on your movement. Primarily this is due to the large amount of movement available in your shoulder which can mask restrictions. So where can your shoulder be tight and how can it affect your running?

Check out this video to find the common running problem, one we see in our Performance centre each and everyday.

The good news is there is a solution for you once you have assessed if this is an issue for you.

First grab your camera, grab a friend or partner and video yourself running. Do your arms move through smoothly towards the direction you are heading or do your elbows wing out to the sides?

You can find out how to check if you are tight and what to do to resolve the issue in our next video.

Enjoy your time running.