Could Your Back Pain be caused by Your SI Joint Issue?

Back Pain can be confusing & very frustrating too. Understanding the underlying cause is the key to achieving the best long term results. So is your back pain actually the sacroiliac joint?

The low back and sacroiliac joint are within centimetres of each other so it stands to reason that these two areas, when under stress can send messages to the body that cna confuse where the issues is actually coming from. In fact even the hip joint can create problems in this region, and if you add in a chronic condition on top of this which allows for motor smudging (basically your brain struggling to be able to identify where the pain is really coming from), then you can have a complex issue to untangle.

The key is in the diagnosis following a clear assessment of all the areas potentially involved. With all the information a great treatment pathway can be created and a better understanding of your issue and how to resolve the problem put in place. With expert treatment and a clear and focused control retraining programme you can achieve wonderful results.

Clarify & Understand Your Back Pain Better