Our Body is Designed to Move


Working long hours at a desk is normal now for many of us, and in the new normal many will be struggling at home in modified working postures. It is essential to help your body now that the daily commute has been removed from your routine, it might have been a short walk to the station or bus stop, however it got you upright and moving.

My first suggestion, even as the weather turns is to break your day up, get outside for a walk first thing to get the body moving and alert for the day ahead. You will feel great.

Then at lunch or the end of the day complete these 3 simple exercises to elongate the tissues that have been jammed up all day while you sit at your desk. Improving your mobility, and they will be tough at first, is one of the key factors towards lowering your injury risk. Many just allow the body to adapt, shorten and tighten creating loading into joints, muscles and other important structures.

Feel fresh and awake at your desk and allow your body to move through normal arranges regularly for your long term health and well being.

But don\’t just stop here! We have more videos that can help you release tension and stress from working at your desk from our hip mobility series.

Maintain Movement Health