What is one of the best exercises to undertake?

You guessed it, now is the time to begin that running programme that you have bene putting off. Our Running Coaches have put together a simple Beginner to 5k programme to take you through the steps to get you fit now for the summer ahead. The great news is that with social distancing at the front of everyones mind right now running is a safe activity to undertake at this time, it will help you mentally, physically and your fitness will improve dramatically.

Obviously the situation can change at any moment however while you can this can be a great way to get some fresh air and unlock the cabin fever that will build up. Please work through the programme with the correct rest days in place, listen to your body and remember an important part of any new exercise programme is allowing the body time to adapt to the new stresses – build your tissue tolerance for long term benefits.

  • Avoid running at the same pace all the time – you need to change pace to become more dynamic and this programme allows your the chance to change your running speed to build strength and decrease time on the ground.
  • Think about your form – stay tall, use your arms moving at the shoulders not the elbows
  • Be dynamic – when completing shorter runs make sure you are running slightly quicker than your comfortable pace, this challenges the body and will help you build your fitness.

Warm Up – This should include general mobility as a key part of your warm up and we will be posting some great ideas for you over the coming few days. Generally think about movements like – heel flicks, high knees, side shuffles, walking lunges, backward lunges, leg swings, and it should be around 5-10 minutes of training before you start your run.


Build A Better Runner & A Stronger Athlete