Moving Your Training to the Next Level – Remember Form is Key

If you have been working through our Pilates series and feel your form is good, you can maintain the exercises for the required time and are now not struggling with breathing, then you are ready for the next step. Based on the same 5 exercises we take you to the top end of your training so you are progressing through a controlled line, working with muscles that are ready for the next level of challenge. Essentially they have been prepared.

As previously work on completing the whole set x3

Repeat each exercise for 30-60 seconds at a time, rest briefly as required to maintain your form.

If you are feeling good then repeat for a fourth set!

Remember not all your weekly training needs to smash you to within an inch of your life, the body is uniquely made up of different muscles that have different roles. To be truly athletic you need to train all areas of your body using all your muscle types to build the complete picture.

As with all Foundation Training you need;






Enjoy your training.

Build A Better You